ThinkDo provides consultancy for a wide range of customers in public administration, business and civil society across Sweden. Since 2008 ThinkDo has provided support and guidance in relation to European projects and policymaking activities to the following organisations:

Stiftelsen Framtidens Kultur, Kulturverkstan, Nätverkstan, TILLT, Skådebanan Västra Götaland, SEBRA Film AB i Torsby, Föreningen Global Kunskap, Konstfrämjandet Riks, Konstfrämjandet Bergslagen, Scenens Hus i Bergslagen, Teatermaskinen, So Easy, Kajrolkultur, NEON, Marsvinsholms Skulpturpark, HERA, Mossutställningar, Fria Seminariet i Litterär Kritik, WISP, Eskilstuna Konstmuseum, Stockholms Stadsteater i Skärholmen, Unga Klara AB, BIBU, Neohouse, China Girl, Mobile Art Productions (MAP), Stadsteatern Skärholmen, Baltic Art Centre, Stiftelsen Wanås Utställningar, Himlabacken, Riksutställningar, Fotografiska, Changemaker, Mittuniversitetet, Kultur & Näringsliv, Eskilstuna kommun Kultur och Fritid, ICIA, Jacob Von Heland, Johan De Bourg, Städa Sverige.


Since 2008 ThinkDo provides support to Changemaker in relation to new ideas that can be developed as European and international projects. Changemaker AB runs CM Educations AB that provides degree programmes granteed by the national agency for higher vocational education in Sweden. We have looked at new ways to develop a European curriculum in vocational education and training for students and young professionals in the cultural and creative sectors. For more information about Changemaker visit http://www.changemaker.nu and http://www.cmeducations.se.

In 2011 ThinkDo was contracted (according to rules for public procurement) to undertake a project pre-study regarding a new cultural and international project initiated by Eskilstuna Contemporary Art Museum in collaboration with the Eskilstuna City Council. The pre-study helped to develop a cross-disciplinary concept frame for the Nordic Art Station including literature, music and visual art. In 2012, Ulrika Nilsson was employed to support the project manager and the project development until the end of August. The project has since been implemented under the ownership of the contemporary art museum. For more information about the project visit http://www.eskilstuna.se/sv/Uppleva-och-gora/Kultur/Nordic-Art-Station-2013.

ThinkDo has helped www.tillt.se with the development of two successful grant proposals to the European Commission within the framework of the culture programme 2007 – 2013. Both grants were awarded with the highest score in Europe within its category (2010, 93 out of 100), (2009, 29 out of 30). For more information about the initiative visit http://www.creativeclash.eu.

ENPAP, Stockholm
ThinkDo has helped www.mossutstallningar.com with the development of a successful project proposal to the European Commission within the framework of the culture programme 2007 – 2013. The project represents a collective initiative to create a platform for cross-border collaboration among public art producers in Europe. For more information about the project visit http://www.e-n-p-a-p.net.

EU Study Visits
ThinkDo has organised several study visits to the EU institutions located in Brussels for project staff and working groups wanting to connect with the EU-level in specific areas.

The Foundation for Culture for the Future, Uppsala
The Foundation for Culture for the Future was set-up by the Swedish Government to stimulate and promote innovation in the field of culture and creativty. The Foundation for Culture for the Future existed between 1994 – 2011. ThinkDo was contracted to give hands-on support to cultural project makers. Ulrika Nilsson first came in contact with the Foundation for Culture for the Future in 2004, and began working for the Foundation in 2007. For more information about the past activities of the foundation visit http://www.framtidenskultur.se/engelska.htm

ThinkDo has helped Stadra Teater with the development of a successful project proposal to the Nordic Culture Fund. The project contributed to the shaping of a concept frame for Nordic cross-cultural collaboration in the performing arts for magical artists. SIMSALABIM  has since been developed into a small-sized family friendly summer festival and informal meeting place for professional magicians https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6e1iTznTBA. For more information about Stadra Teater visit http://www.stadrasommarscen.se.