Etikettarkiv: citizenship


Working with societal development and creative projects and to be part of the greater work helping to create an open, just and socially inclusive European democratic society that is also part of the World, is to me the most exciting and fun job ever to have!

armband 1 The image of a bracelet made by a child in pre-school comes to my mind, little tiny beads of  different colors put together in a never-ending combination to form a bracelet. Now let each color represent a nation and the bracelet becomes an image of transnational collaboration and perhaps a European project. Europe is for me a continent where each country is like a colored bead coming together forming a free and vibrant transnational community of different colors. It is a public space where we as individuals can act and exist in a larger context. The larger the context – the greater the personal freedom. The larger the community – the greater the affinity. The greater the knowledge of the World, the greater the sensitivity and understanding for each other as fellow European citizens. It is in the interplay with others that we experience freedom and can realise ourselves as individuals. It is also in the meeting and the collaboration with the World around that Europe becomes Europe. It is in the meeting with each other that we can develop our identity as individuals and transform our thoughts into ideas and feelings. Europe is part of my identity as a human being, woman, mother and a Swedish citizen. Europe is a democratic society in the making that is also part of the global community. The European Union is representing one of the most innovative, interesting and exciting, democratic developments in our contemporary time.

Together as European citizens we are exploring new ways to collaborate and co-exist in peace.